The easiest and the fastest way to contact us is by using our e-services

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Via e-services you can

  • order certificates and extracts, for example extract from criminal record
  • view your own fines and other sanctions ordered to be paid to the State
  • see information of the applications you have send and your own decisions and certificates that have been made earlier
  • apply for payment time

Contact information:

Legal Register Centre mailing address: PO BOX 157, FI-13101 Hämeenlinna

Street address: Wetterhoffinkatu 2, 13100 Hämeenlinna

Please notice that Legal Register Centre doesn´t have a front desk service in our location.

E-mail of the Legal Register Centre: [email protected]

E-mail of the Criminal Records Unit: [email protected]

E-mail of the Enforcement Unit: [email protected]


We only accept e-invoices conforming to the European standard. In other words, we do not accept paper or email invoices, as these are not e-invoices (Act on electronic invoicing (Laki sähköisestä laskutuksesta) 241/2019).

For more information, please see:

the State Treasury's electronic invoicing service site

EDI code: 003727220425

Operator: Posti Messaging Oy: FI28768767
We do not accept paper bills, you can use Government E-Invoicing Service

Business ID:



+358 29 56 65783

Reporting misconduct under the Whistleblower Act

The Legal Register Centre is committed to transparent, open and ethical operations and compliance with laws, guidelines and regulations. We want to monitor the realisation of our principles in our everyday work.

Those not currently employed by the Centre, i.e. partners and former employees, can use the link below to report suspected misconduct or activity not in line with our principles.

The information in the report must fall within the scope of the Whistleblower Act. More information on the scope is available here.

The Chancellor of Justice is the centralised independent reporting channel for whistleblower protection.

Instructions and report form:
How to make a report? | Chancellor of Justice

Published 10.12.2019