Enforcement and collection of EU fines

Have you been fined in another EU Member State? Ask the party that imposed the fine for more information. If you do not pay the fine, it can be transferred to the Legal Register Centre (LRC) for enforcement.

If you have been fined in another EU Member State and fail to pay the fine, it can be transferred to Finland for enforcement. In such cases, the LRC will send you the decision by post.

The LRC cannot correct or amend a decision made by another EU Member State.

Where can I get additional information on EU fines?

If you have questions about the fine, contact the party that imposed it.

What happens when an EU fine is transferred to Finland for enforcement?

The LRC decides whether the fine can be enforced in Finland. If the fine is accepted for enforcement, the decision and payment information will be sent to the debtor by post.

How can I appeal the LRC's decision?

Appeal instructions will be enclosed with the LRC's decision on the recognition and enforcement of the EU fine.

You have 30 days to appeal the decision. Submit the appeal to the LRC, which will forward it to Pirkanmaa District Court for processing.

Paying the reminder for an EU fine

Pay the reminder for payment enclosed with the LRC's decision by the due date. Use the indicated reference number.

If you fail to make the payment by the due date, the matter will be transferred to the Enforcement Authority. The matter will then be managed by the Enforcement Authorities, and you will no longer be able to apply for payment time from the LRC. So be prompt!

Can I get more time for payment?

You can apply for more time to pay the fine after the LRC has sent you a reminder for payment. Payment time will only be granted for a justified reason.

Read more about applying for and granting payment time.

Why is the LRC enforcing penalties imposed by other EU Member States?

The European Union adopted a Framework Decision on fines in 2005, in which the Member States agree on cooperation in the enforcement of fines. According to the Framework Decision, an EU Member State can send a decision concerning a financial penalty to be enforced in the Member State in which the person is resident or the company or corporation has its registered seat.

In Finland, the LRC is the competent authority for cooperation under the Framework Decision. The LRC receives enforcement requests sent by other EU Member States and sends such requests to them.

When the LRC has decided to recognise and enforce a penalty transferred to it by another EU Member State, the LRC will make a decision on the matter and deliver it to the debtor residing in Finland.

What penalties can be transferred to another EU Member State?

EU Member States can transfer financial penalties imposed on individuals, companies or corporations to another Member State for enforcement.

Such penalties include, for example:

  • fines and fixed petty fines
  • legal fees and administrative fees incurred from the decision

Further information:

Council Framework Decision (2005/214/JHA)

Act on the Application of the Framework Decision on Fines (222/2008) (in Finnish)

Published 4.6.2024