Extracts for abroad

You can order an extract of your entries for a visa, work permit, residence permit or similar purpose for presenting to an authority abroad.

If your criminal record does not have entries, it can be written in English, German, French or Spanish. The Legal Register Centre does not translate extracts that have entries.

If an extract without entries is presented to an authority in another EU country, the authority should not require the apostille certificate, if the extract is written in language accepted by the authority of another EU country or is accompanied with the multilingual standard form issued by the Legal Register Center.

Authorities outside the EU may ask you to enclose an apostille certificate to your criminal record extract. The Legal Register Centre does not write apostille certificates. You must contact The Digital and Population Data Services Agency to get an apostille.

You cannot order an extract by telephone. Order the extract by writing an informal application or use the form. You can send your application by post, online or by e-mail. We will send your application by post to the address you have given in your application. We will process your application within four working days.

If you have Finnish online banking codes, a mobile certificate card or a certificate card you can send application via our e-services. Otherwise send your signed and scanned application  [pdf, 754.3 kB]  via email to [email protected]

An extract costs 6 euros when ordered via e-services, 12 euros when ordered via other means. We will send you an invoice separately.

Published 28.1.2020